Research Grants in Basic Science

Application Form

Please read the information carefully betore completing the form.
Applications should be clearly typewritten and signed.
Requests for grants are restricted to the fields of biology, chemistry, mathematics,and physics.
Deadlines for receipt of applications are 1 July and 1 December of each year.
Applicants wiil be notified within five to six months after each deadline.
Applicationsshould be sent-by post or fax-to:

Third World Academy of Sciences
c/o The Abdus salam international Centre for Theoretical Physics strada Costiera 11-34014Trieste-ltaly Fax:+39040224559

Submission by e-maiiis restricted to scanned images ot the form, which must be completed and signed.

The TWAS Research Grants programme in Basic Sciences was established in 1986 in response to the needs of promising young researchers in developing countries, particularly those attached to iI15titutions that lack appropriate re5earch facilities.
Under this scheme, creative researchersin the South working in the fieldsof basic sciences are awarded grants to enable them to purchase the research facilitiesthey need to enhance their productivity.
The purpose of these grants is to reinforce and promote scientific research in basic sciences in the Third world, strengthen the endogenous capacity in science, and reduce the exodus of scientitic talents from the South .
The TWAS Research Grants programme in Basic Sciences complements that of the International Foundation for Science (IFS) which has been operating since 1974 in the field of applied biological sciences.The two organizations have been in close contact since the beginning of the TWAS programme so as to ensure the complementarity of the two schemes and to avoid duplication.

TWAS Research Grants are awarded for high--level and promising scientific research projects carried out by individual scientists in developing countries.
The programme is generously supported by the Department for Research Cooperation (SAREC) of the Swedish lnternational Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)and the ltalian government (through the Direzione Generale per la Cooperazion allo Sviltlppo). The Sida-SAREC contribution is mainly intended to support research proposals from African countries and other developing countries in dire need of basic research tools.
A Research Grant amounts to a maximum of US$1O,000.OO and is normally provided for a period of one
year. Requests for additional grants to allow for the extension of a successful project will be considered by TWAS,subject to the submission of a satisfactory final report on the previous grant.
A grant may be used to purchase scientific apparatus, Consumable material and specialized literature. The grant does not cover salaries and travel expenses.
personal computers are normally not covered under this scheme, except in very exceptional cases where the need is fully justified.

Subject Areas
The Research Grants programme provides support for research projects in the following fields of basic sciences:biology,chemistry,mathematics,and physics.

Applicants should be nationals of deveioping countries with an advanced academic degree and some research experience.They should hold positions at universities or research institutions in developing countries. As a general rule,the grants are normally awarded to young competent scientists under the age of 45 years from those developing countries where basic tools of research are seriously lacking.

A written agreement is made between TWAS,the grantee and his/her institute.The institute undertakes to administer the grant according to the agreement and to provide laboratory space,salaries and other facilities necessary for the project.Equipment, material and literature provided for the project through the TWAS Research Grants programme remain the property of the institute after the project is completed.
The grantee is required to submit a final report within one year from receipt of the items purchased.

Application forms are available on-line:

For inquiries,please contact:
Third world Academy of sciences
c/o The Abdus salam International Centre for Theoretical physics
strada Costiera 11-34014 Trieste--ltaly
Phone:+390402240325- Fax:+39040224559һ

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