E-mail alerting service


  现可以免费享受英国物理学会出版社(IOP)提供的两种e-mail alerting service。

  1. Table of Contents (TOC) alerts
  Standard TOC alerting service enables you to receive the Tables of Contents of your favourite IOP journals as soon as issues are published online. We can also send you monthly updates on our popular journal services such as IOP Select and IOP Physics Reviews.
  2. Enhanced alerts
  Enhanced alerting service allows you to enter more flexible alerting criteria including keywords, so that whenever articles matching your criteria are published, you automatically receive alerts containing their details.
  Password:xfSWh (请注意字母大小写)

  另:在http://www.iop.org/EJ/toc/-ff30=7上可免费浏览IOP最新出版的文章全文,期限30天。 (从文章在网上发表日算起 )