The PRC/U.S. cooperation in high energy physics was pioneered by leaders of both countries when Mr. Deng Xiaoping visited the United States 25 years ago and signed with Mr. Carter the umbrella agreement for cooperation in science and technology between the two countries. The cooperation in high energy physics is one of the implementing accords under that umbrella agreement, which was signed by Mr. Fang Yi and Mr. Schlesinger. Since its signature, this cooperation has been smoothly and successfully carried out for a quarter of a century without suspension, during which 24 cooperative programs have been made and executed, hundreds of scientists from the five U.S. national laboratories and universities have been involved in this cooperation. The most noticeable achievement of this cooperation has been the successful completion of the Beijing Electron Positron Collider.

A very small number of the photos taken over the past 25 years has been chosen to create this modest “Photo Show”.These Photos allow us to see many familiar and dear faces, who had contributed a lot to this Cooperation. Let us remember them and wish the Cooperation pioneered by them would last.


Mr. Deng Xiaoping and Mr. Carter friendly chatted before the signing ceremony of the US/PRC Protocol on Cooperation in Science and Technology in 1979. Mr. Deng Xiaoping met with U.S. delegates in 1984. Mr. Deng Xiaoping and other Chinese leaders met with the U.S. Delegation in1988.
Mr. Deng Xiaoping met with members of the Joint Committee. The Second Joint Committee Meeting The Third Joint Committee Meeting
Prof. Qian Sanqiang with U.S. delegates Touring IHEP workshop the Seventh Joint Committee Meeting

   Mr. Fang Yi with “Lao Pan”

Dr. Hess and other U.S. delegates touring IHEP workshop the Ninth Joint Committee Meeting
T.D. Lee with Madame Gu Yu Dr. Hess with Prof. Ye Minghan the Eleventh Joint Committee Meeting
the Joint Committee Meeting in session the Joint Committee Meeting in session chaired by Prof. Zhou Guangzhao U.S. delegates touring BSRF
Dr. Hess with Prof. Zhou Guangzhao the Eleventh Joint Committee Meeting in session the Fifteenth Joint Committee Meeting

   a joyful chat

the Seventeenth Joint Committee Meeting the Nineteenth Joint Committee Meeting
the 21st Joint Committee Meeting the Joint Committee Meeting in session Prof. Lu Yongxiang with T.D.Lee
Prof. Lu Yongxiang with Pief a pleasant photo after signing ceremony enjoy Chinese tea
the 23rd Joint Committee Meeting a group of the 23rd Joint Committee  


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