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CAS Technical Appraisal Passed

On June 4th, BEPCII passed the technical appraisal by the Expert Appraisal Panel organized by the Bureau for Basic Sciences and Bureau for Comprehensive Planning, CAS. Mr. Liu Minghua, Deputy Director General of the Bureau for Basic Sciences, spoke highly of the achievements made at BEPCII.

The Panel was made up of 9 academicians and 6 senior researchers with Academician Chen Jiaer as its Chairman. The experts listened to the construction report by Mr. Chen Hesheng, the Project Manager, and reports respectively on technology, physics and synchrotron radiation by Academicians He Duohui, Ye Minghan and Xian Dingchang. After extended discussions, the Panel concluded that the BEPCII had completed all the construction tasks within budget, at high quality and according to schedule. The commissioning over the past six months proved that BEPCII had become an advanced collider in the t charm energy region and in the study of new physics and a synchrotron radiation facility of high performance.

The Panel proposed that a national acceptance test be carried out as soon as possible.


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