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 Conference Venue

The conference will take place at Institute of High Energy Physics, Located at Yuquanlu Road 19B, Shijingshan District, Beijing.

The Institute of High Energy Physics(IHEP) is the biggest and comprehensive fundamental research center in China. The major research fields of IHEP are particle physics, accelerator physics and technologies, radiation technologies and application.

IHEP has extensive cooperation with all the major high energy physics laboratories and participates in many important particle physics experiments in the world. IHEP is staffed with about 1000 people, including over 650 physicists and engineers. In addition, there are 300 graduate students and post-doctors.

                                              -Main Building
      Mailing address:

Institute of High Energy Physics                     
               P.O.Box 918, 100049
               Beijing, China

       Phone: +86 10 88235014
       Fax:     +86 10 88233374   



All of the RT2009 conference - workshop and plenaries - will take place in Main Building at IHEP. Note there is no shuttle or public transportation to IHEP from hotels. Conference posters will be displayed in the Atrium immediately when entering the main conference room A214.

Registration will be located in the front Atrium at the 2nd flour.

Wireless access is available at lecture rooms. A computer room is available in the 4th flour.

Expert Restaurant, located at campus of IHEP, which is quite good and very convenient. There are menus in English and with pictures, so ordering is not difficult.







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