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Updated on May 11, 2009

Some talks has been uploaded to the web. Please click here to look at or download.

Updated on May 5, 2009

  • Money Exchange

    It is very convenient for you to exchange money at the bank of airport. Please note that cash only is accepted for on-site registration ! 
  • Computer support and Talk Collection

    There are several computers available for attendees at the main building A413 mainly for file uploading. For the amount of computers are limited, we suggest you taking your notebook if you have. You can apply to use the wireless at the Main building of IHEP. 

    There is a person to collect the talk and manuscript in A413.
  • Other Information

    Lunch Coupon

    $5USD or ¥30RMB/person. You can buy the Lunch coupon at the on-site registration during May 9-10.

    Companion Program
    The tours information for companion person has been updated on the web.

Updated on April 23, 2009

  • Airport Pick Up

    Local Organizing Committee will arrange a special shuttle bus from
    Beijing Capital International Airport to the Hotel between 9:00 am and 10:00 pm on May 9-10, 2009. The participants of the  workshop can take this bus directly to the Hotel with the fare of ¥20 RMB/$3 USD each person.  There will be a guider holding a board of RT2009 in the exit and entry halls at the Terminal 3 to show you the shuttle bus. The special shuttle bus will start when it is fully occupied anytime. If your flight belongs to Terminal 1- 2 Airlines, you can take the airport bus to Terminal 3.

    If you miss our special shuttle bus or you want to get the hotel by yourself and you are the first comers, we strongly suggest you taking taxi.

    When taking taxi at the Capital International Airport, please go to the taxi station to take the authorized taxi. Don’t forget to take away your belongings when get off the taxi. 

    The following information may get some help for your transportation

    (1)   It is about 40 km from the airport to the Chang-Feng Holiday inn or the IHEP Guest House. The fare is about 20USD. If you take the Taxi to the Hotel, please show the following tag ① or ②to the taxi driver.

    (2)    Airport shuttle bus: You also can take airport shuttle bus from the airport to the Gong Zhu Fen bus station. The fare is 16 RMB (2 USD). Then you can take taxi to the Hotel or the Guest House. The fare is about 25 RMB (2.5 USD). If you take the airport shuttle bus to Gong Zhu Fen, please show the following tag ③ to the airport staff or any one nearby you. When you arrive to Gong Zhu Fen, you need to take taxi to the Hotel, please show the tag ①or ② to the taxi driver.

    Download the following words in PDF


  • Flight Number

        In order to arrange the airport pick up well, we need your flight number and arrival date and time. If you plan to take our special shuttle bus please send your flight number and arrival time to Mr.Tiejun Deng.

  • On-site Registration

         May 9-10, 2009     10:00 am --- 10:00 pm    Lobby at Holiday Inn

  • Tours

    Invited by LOC of RT2009, the China Travel Service will organize all the tours for RT2009.  During the on-site registration on May 9-10, the CTS will setup a counter to hold on all issues about tours and sell the ticket.  If you have any question about the tours please get to the counter on May 9-10, other time is not available. 


Updated on April 17, 2009

        Abstract submission is CLOSED

        Paper notification : done on March 20th,2009
        Final program ready on March 27th
        Awards and grants application deadline:March 31st, 2009

        Earlier registration is encouraged.

  • Hotel confirmation

    RT09 LOC will reserve rooms for all participants who have registered and mentioned to stay at the Holiday Inn. Holiday Inn guarantees to provide different rooms to meet participants' request. If you need the hotel confirmation for visa application , please contact Mr. Tiejun Deng (, Secretary, RT09 LOC


  • Welcome to Workshop and Tutorials on May 10. The registration fee  is RMB 100/person to be taken on-site.

  • Posters cannot exceed 90cm (wide) by 120cm (height). Presenters will be responsible for mounting/dismounting their own posters. Display area is open round the clock. We will provide adhesive tape  to mount the posters to the display area.



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