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WU Ziyu, born in Anhui Province in August of 1956, joined IHEP under a national program of ¡°Introducing Outstanding Young Scientists Abroad¡± in 1999.        ¡¡

He graduated from the Department of Physics, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in 1982 and got his MS degree in 1985 and Ph.D degree in 1988. He did research as postdoc at the Italian Academy for Advanced Study during 1988 ¨C 1989. After 1990, he worked respectively at Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati of INFN (Italy), Stanford University(USA), Center for Scientific Research( France), Bayreuth Geophysics Institute( Germany) and the French Atomic Energy Commission as researcher, guest researcher or part-time researcher.

Now, he is full professor, tutor of Ph.D students, member of the Science Committee and deputy director, Synchrotron Radiation Lab of IHEP. He is part-time professor of USTC and Beijing Polytechnic University as well as guest professor of University of Rome in Italy and Rennes-1 University in France.

His research fields mainly include SR applications and condensed matter physics

From 1988, he was engaged in a program of development of the theory and applications of X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) and derived spectroscopies such as low energy photoelectron diffraction and their applications with scientific group active in Italy and France. As the academic bellwether, he guided the study of the transition¨Cmetal compounds, superconducting materials, high power battery materials, non-crystalline materials and nano systems as well as the electron state and atomic structure of the compounds of geophysical interest. In these fields he performed high-level researches and his work is highly recognized by his colleagues both at home and abroad. In the past few years, he was invited to present contributions at many international conferences and  meetings, and published nearly 80 papers in important international journals. These recent publications have been cited more than 400 times. In 1997, the PRC Ministry of Education put him first on the list of ¡°Best Talents to Be Sought For¡± in Italy.

In 1987, he was awarded the first CAS Youth Fund prize In 1996, he was awarded an important fund from the European Community. During 1995 ¨C 1999, the Italian Ministry of Science and Technology awarded him specific research funds. In 1997, he received full support of ¡°Spring Sunshine Program¡± of the PRC Ministry of Education. In 1999, he was brought in according to the CAS ¡°Hundred Talents Program¡±, in 2000 he (the only Chinese) received an International Union of Crystallography Young Scientist Award and in 2001 he won the state outstanding youth fund.

The programs he now undertakes include the CAS project of the ¡°Hundred Talents Program¡±, a sub-subject within the CAS knowledge innovation project, the project of the State Outstanding Youth Fund,  etc.

His e-mail address£º wuzy@ihep.ac.cn,  wuziyu@lnf.infn.it

Telephone£º +86 -10 68235996

Fax£º +86 -10 68186229