Abstract Format & Submission

Abstract Submission  

One page abstract of A4-size can be submitted any time from now until the deadline of 2005 April 30. This page should include the title of the paper, authors and their affiliations, the main text, figure, table and references (if any). Abstracts must be submitted by email as an attachment or directly from the web site. The author needs to download the APSORC-05 Abstract Template from conference web site (http://www.ihep.ac.cn/apsorc2005), or send an email to apsorc2005@ihep.ac.cn requesting the Abstract Template. The format of the Abstract is described below. The abstract should be submitted together with the Abstract Submission Form attached with the second circular.

Abstract Format

All abstracts for plenary lectures, invited and contributed communications (poster and oral) should fit within a 16 (width) x 22 (length) cm frame. They should be written on an A4 sheet of paper with top, right and left margins of 2.5 cm and a bottom margin of 4 cm. Add a blank line after the title followed by the authors¡¯ names and affiliations.  

A 10-point Times New Roman font should be used. Paragraphs should have an indent of 0.5 cm, single space lines, and full justification. Any figure or table should be included within the allotted frame and the abstract should be saved as a MS Word document (version Word 98 or higher for PC). Any figure or graph must be introduced as a picture in the Word file. The name of the presenting author should be underlined and his/her e-mail address be given on the address line. References should be numbered within square brackets [1] and listed at the end.  

Below the abstract (15 cm from the top margin) the following information should be given: (i) the name of the session in which the abstract fits in; (ii) type of presentation desired (poster or oral); as a rule, communication will be presented as a poster; however, a limited number of them will be chosen for oral presentations; the selection will be made by the session chairpersons; (iii) selection of PowerPoint or overhead projection presentation (if you choose an oral presentation);  (iv) name, complete address, phone, fax and e-mail address of the presenting author.